Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Examples

For anyone wanting to write the perfect cover letter, there are certainly many resources out there, including many great cover letter examples. Just type “cover letter examples” into a search engine such as Google and you’ll get so many hits that well, you won’t know what hit ya! There are websites that will walk you through it every step of the way, websites that will charge you, and websites that are free.

You will pick up useful information along the way, to be sure. One small tidbit: there are two types of cover letters. There is the Specific kind of cover letter, where you write to one specific person, at one specific company, about one specific position. There is also the General type of cover letter. Instead of addressing any one specific person, this would be addressed to: Dear Employer. There would be no date on the cover letter. The focus would be on the applicant’s experience and credentials.

You can find sample cover letters all over the Internet, specialized even. Just a few that I can recall seeing are cover letter examples for Analysts, cover letter examples for Teachers, cover letter examples for Artists, cover letter examples for those wishing to work at a consulting firm, and cover letter examples for General /Business Admistration.

There are always sites that are willing to make you beautiful and outstanding cover letters. Formatted perfectly with just the right amount of information and said in such a way that it would seem every sentence was prepared by a combination of Rhodes’ Scholars and poets.

However, you need to make sure that whatever is on that cover letter, came straight from you. You are the only person who can tailor your cover letter to yourself perfectly, because, well, you are the only you! And, it is you applying for the job, right? I thought so!

Finding Cover Letter Examples

You can look at all the cover letter examples that you want, and in fact, you should. They are a great resource and can really give you some great ideas and inspiration. But at the end of the day, be true to yourself and make sure you are the one writing the cover letter and representing yourself in the best light possible, after all, this is the very first chance you have to make an impression on your prospective employer.

By researching as many other cover letter examples as you can, you’ll find that the ones that usually bring the most success to people are those that while putting forth every accomplishment with panache, also stay as short and free of fluff as possible. Many employers get several hundred applicants for a single job, if your cover letter doesn’t grab them, it is unlikely that they will even read through your resume, and that is certainly the opposite of your intention. So, by looking at cover letter examples of people who have jobs you admire, and then imitating their style to suite your own unique set of skills and personality traits, you should be on your way to creating your own, rockin’ cover letter!

By: Mario Churchill


Taking Advantage of Cover Letter Examples

Knowing a few little-used tricks to writing a good cover letter can give you a crucial advantage in today’s highly competitive job market. With more people than ever looking for work, YOU want to be the one they call for an interview.

Perfect Resumes Don’t Guarantee Job Interviews!

You can have the best resume in the world, but without a cover letter to explain it, and in fact sell it to your prospective employer, you’re at their mercy! Cover letters are not so much cover letters as sales letters. You’re selling yourself, and why you are the best fit for that job. 95% of job applicants completely miss this point, instead wasting their valuable cover letters on the same meaningless formalities that all their competition is also writing. Don’t follow this crowd, stand out and be noticed!

Apply Proven Sales Techniques To Get The Interview

If your cover letter actually functions as a sales letter, why not write it like one? Let’s face it. You might have applied for a hundred jobs, but until you get a phone call inviting you to an interview, nothing happens! I know, because I’ve been there myself. Applying wherever I could, then waiting, waiting, and more waiting until finally someone called to setup an interview! It is no fun, and I sympathize with you if that’s where you are right now. Thing is, until I changed my approach, not a lot was happening.

Years later, I’ve learned a lot, and I will give you all kinds of tips and examples that can greatly improve your chances of getting that phone call. My tips come out of a sales and marketing perspective that will give you an unfair advantage over the vast majority of the other job applicants.

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On this site, we’ve got several cover letter examples, and many cover letter tips that you will find helpful.

Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letters

Jimmy Sweeney Cover LettersYou might have heard of Jimmy Sweeney cover letters and how he has helped many many people with their job applications. I thought I would give you a couple of cover letter tips that I picked up from Jimmy.

Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letters & Tips

The first tip for Jimmy Sweeney cover letters is to use testimonials in your cover letter. Most people will say something like “I am friendly and outgoing” in their cover letter. However, it is much more powerful if you can draw on what someone else has said about you. For example “my previous employer, Bill Richardson said I was the friendliest person he’d ever met!” Make sure it is true, and verifiable. The power of this is that you gain the credibility of an impartial third party.

The second tip for Jimmy Sweeney cover letters is quite simple – ask for the interview if that is what you want! Most people shy away from actually asking for an interview in their cover letter, however that is in fact the action you want the reader to take. End your letter with a polite request that they call you to setup a personal interview.

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Points To Dwell On With Resume Cover Letters

On a daily basis, there are thousands of resume cover letters landing the desks of office recruiters. Just take note of the number of your competitors for the job. Therefore, this only calls for one thing-and that is you’ve got to work hard to set your own resume cover letter as uniquely as possible from the rest of the jobseekers out there. Mind you, you should always work on an interesting resume cover letter and a design that will only be associated with yourself. In their long stay in the business, the employers or recruiters have been faced with alike resume cover letters. This proves that if they happen to take a glimpse of very stereotyped resume cover letters, there will be a very minimal effect to them. Chances are you risk losing the supposed to be opportunity that will be your passport to a good future.

Resume Cover LettersJobseekers like you must bear in mind the fact to break free from the typical resume box. You have to start doing and writing your personalized resume cover letter. If the rest of your acquaintances prefer keeping their old resume cover letter styles, let them be. Do not risk your own opportunity and lose it with them. Remember that your resume cover letter must not only be effective but powerful as well.

What should you include in your resume cover letter? Your resume cover letter must briefly discuss the plus points regarding your qualifications, expertise, and credentials. Include also pertinent organizations which you are a member of and come to a statement that will let the recruiter or employer remember you of. Your efficiency is a must. And that is a fact. A very lengthy resume cover letter will seem to have lesser impact to the employer or company recruiter. If you are already telling tales in your resume cover letter, then expect that not a single minute will be wasted on it.

If you cannot help but mention a detailed account of your credentials, you may opt to include a portfolio of yours in your resume cover letter. A portfolio includes all the relevant information regarding your very own credentials. It will function as a basis of you getting the job or not. The portfolio contains the projects which you have had handled and most of the times, this is passed on to the head of the company for scrutiny. The advantage of including a portfolio alongside your resume cover letter is that there is a higher chance of you grabbing a job opportunity.

Times have changed and the changes have also taken their toll on the resume cover letters. If it had been years ago since you had created your cover letter, take time to read and research on the ropes of today’s trade on resume cover letters. Do not let your resume cover letters appear outdated. Be prepared to scout for a job as you arm yourself with an interesting resume cover letter.

Be sure to emphasize your experiences and skills in your resume cover letter. What are you to market if you lack the necessary information about your qualifications? Do you think the employer will still be interested in even glancing at your resume cover letter? Be very particular too with the errors usually committed in grammar and punctuations. Never ever submit your resume cover letter with many typo errors!

By: Mario Churchill

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Sample Cover Letter: When You Are Not Ready To Do The Writing

Graduating college students look forward to their journey to the corporate world. It is the time that they stand up on their own feet and face the real challenges which life has to offer. When you feel like you are in dire need of a job to be able to sustain for your daily provisions, the first thing that you should attend to is the writing of your resume and the cover letters which you are to send to numerous prospect companies of your choice.

Sample Cover LetterAs you scout for a job, you will have to work on your cover letter. It is important that your cover letter is not only good but rather it must be great! You must work on drawing the attention of the employer to your cover letter because once this has been entertained, you will likely be offered with opportunities of getting an appointment with them!

Are you problematic with how you will start writing your own cover letter? Then might as well take a glimpse of sample cover letters for your job application. There is certainly a particular place from which you may look at sample cover letter designs-books and internet websites. You should take note that there are sample cover letters which are nonetheless a lot better than the rest and you have to pay extra attention to these things. If what you are after for is a good job, then certainly you have to do well with selecting your sample cover letter guide.

Evaluating a Sample Cover Letter

How do you deal with sample cover letters? First and foremost, look deeply into the contents of the sample cover letter. Check out for misspelled words, wrong use of the language, and typographical errors. The secret to writing a cover letter is to have it spell checked and be proofread over and over again. A person who truly knows how essential a well-written cover letter is knows for a fact the impact which it will make to you as the jobseeker. Remember that with cover letters, first impression lasts. Therefore, always strive for spelling and grammar success.

Although you are basing on sample cover letters, never forget the importance of the knowledge of the complete name of the person to whom you are addressing your application. Make a research by asking for the name of the persons in charged in certain offices. This will help you build a good start. In general, the sample cover letters are aids in your attempt of drawing the attention of the employer towards your own submitted cover letter. Despite your sample cover letter guides, you have to use your own words in writing. It pays off to personalize the cover letter because you will be able to freely express your thoughts and intentions. The sample cover letters will only serve as your pattern but it does not necessarily mean that you will have to copy and paste it on your own!

If you prefer copying some of the contents of the sample cover letter you’ve got in hand still you are required to change some information like the name of the company and employer. The risk you are taking is that there may be other applicants who had submitted the same cover letter to the same company. And presto! You run the chance of getting your cover letter dumped into the trash bin! Better, yet, think of it over and over. You want a job so make an impressive cover letter!

By: Mario R. Churchill

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Easy Common Sense Tips For Writing Cover Letters

Of course it’s easy writing cover letters. The only challenges are determining what to say and knowing how to say it, which, if you looked at it, are pretty much the reasons that make cover letters so tricky to write. But if you want to solve the mystery of the cover letter and want to be able to approach it more easily, here are some ways with which to effectively do it:

Know why you need a cover letter

Writing Cover LettersAll employers expect that you include a cover letter in your application, unless of course they specify otherwise. A cover letter is your brief introduction to your prospective employer, a chance for you to summarize your qualifications and show your best qualities at a glance.

When employers receive dozens of job application letters everyday, the least they want to do is to pore over the details of your resume just to see what exactly it is that makes you special enough to deserve an interview. Not only that, it’s been the standard practice in the job market for several decades, so you would do well to include one with your resume.

Are there different kinds of cover letters?

Aside from the styles, there are only two basic types of cover letters that you should know about: the solicited cover letter and the unsolicited cover letter. The solicited cover letter is one you write and send in response to known and published job advertisements. The unsolicited cover letter is one you send if you’re prospecting for a job, exploring job possibilities or as a way to inform future employers of your presence and availability.

What is included in the cover letter?

A cover letter, very simply, is a type of business letter. It includes, among others, the current date, the person and company you’re addressing the letter to and the purpose. In the case of a job application cover letter, it’s to present to a prospective employer your qualifications that you believe will fit the employer’s current need.

How do I go about writing cover letters?

If you want to know the correct tone and words to use, I suggest you find good samples of cover letters, specifically those that have demonstrated giving their writers positive results or those that have been prepared professionally. As mentioned earlier, cover letters are business letters so expect a little formality. If you don’t have an idea of how to go about it, find three or four samples and take note of how they were written.

Once you’ve determined the important elements that make up a great cover letter, begin writing cover letters as draft copies. Go for a targeted cover letter, one that is as unique as the company you are sending it to. This will show you as a diligent and driven individual who will not stand for the mediocrity of writing generic letters.

Your cover letter should be brief but it must contain enough information about you to let your prospective employer know what your capabilities are. This is your letter of introduction and should include what kind of things you have done and achieved in your past work experience that your prospective employer find extremely useful.

Don’t brag. Simply state the facts and include numbers and figures if you must, but keep your cover letter short. Don’t go into a long-winded lecture of how successful you’ve been and how you’ve changed things for the better. Just mention the things that you feel your prospective employer will appreciate and have great need for in his organization.

A cover letter is supposed to sell your qualities, so make sure you do an honest job about it. Don’t sell yourself short but don’t blow your trumpet too hard either. Writing cover letters isn’t that difficult if you follow the right steps!

By: Mario Churchill

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3-day Cover Letter Mini-course!

Welcome to the 3-day cover letter mini course. Over the next three days you will learn a few tips and techniques that will help make your cover letter stand out from the crowd.

Day One – Send your cover letter to a specific person

For today’s cover letter lesson you will learn on of the most power things you can do for your cover letter. Do a little research and find the name of the person who is actually doing the hiring.

It is amazing the number of cover letters that get sent with a generic “Dear Human Resources Manager” or “Dear Hiring Manager” in the opening paragraph. Not only is it extremely boring, it also shows the person making a decision about your future that you are not interested enough to find their name.

Human beings are funny creatures. We like to see our own name. After reading countless cover letters with generic openings, it will catch their attention when they see their name, and catching their attention is really what this is about.

With so many positions being advertised only on the internet, sometimes it is extremely difficult to find out whom to address your letter to, but the hard the task, the greater the reward. Go the extra mile to find the name, and then use it.

Day Two – Be Unique

In day two of the cover letter mini-course you’ll learn more about how to separate yourself from the job applicant crowd.

One thing that will work in your favor is the number of people that use free sample cover letters as the base for their own cover letter. The reason this is bad for them is that these free samples are bland, generic, and lifeless. They were meant to be an example of what a cover letter might look like. Because they have to appeal to so many different people, they are not very specific about anything. They certainly do not reflect your experiences and qualifications.

Because you are limited to one page you will have to focus on only a couple qualifications to highlight. This isn’t a restating of everything that is listed in your resume. You should use your best qualifications, and relate them to why they are relevant to the position to which you are applying.

When you are writing the body of your cover letter, use wording that reflects your passion for the work you do. If there are parts of your job you love, say so. That excitement will show through in your cover letter, and will make the hiring manager stop for a closer look

The more you can show that you are not like everyone else, the better off you will be. Draw attention to yourself. That is the only way you will be asked to move on to the next stage.

Day Three – Follow up with a phone call

In day three of the cover letter mini-course we’ll look at what happens after you send your cover letter.

Before you close your cover letter, make sure you ask for an interview. This is an important step, and one that is missed by many of the people that will be competing for that same job as you. Call you reader to action by asking for the interview.

Within two or three days follow up your cover letter with a phone call. Many hiring managers say that the majority of job offers go to candidates that checked back on the status of the job. It shows that you are truly interested in the job, and not merely sending out mass applications on a job search web site.

When you make your follow-up phone call make sure you clearly identify your self, what position you had applied for, and let them know that you are following up on a cover letter and resume you sent several days before.

So many people send in their cover letter and resume, then take no further action, that this one step may be the difference between getting an interview and getting totally ignored.

The steps you learned over thee past three days will help set your cover letter apart from the others. By showing that you are a unique individual, and that you are truly want this job, you greatly increase the chances that you will get an interview. At that point, it’s up to you.

By: Mario Churchill

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