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Knowing a few little-used tricks to writing a good cover letter can give you a crucial advantage in today’s highly competitive job market. With more people than ever looking for work, YOU want to be the one they call for an interview.

Perfect Resumes Don’t Guarantee Job Interviews!

You can have the best resume in the world, but without a cover letter to explain it, and in fact sell it to your prospective employer, you’re at their mercy! Cover letters are not so much cover letters as sales letters. You’re selling yourself, and why you are the best fit for that job. 95% of job applicants completely miss this point, instead wasting their valuable cover letters on the same meaningless formalities that all their competition is also writing. Don’t follow this crowd, stand out and be noticed!

Apply Proven Sales Techniques To Get The Interview

If your cover letter actually functions as a sales letter, why not write it like one? Let’s face it. You might have applied for a hundred jobs, but until you get a phone call inviting you to an interview, nothing happens! I know, because I’ve been there myself. Applying wherever I could, then waiting, waiting, and more waiting until finally someone called to setup an interview! It is no fun, and I sympathize with you if that’s where you are right now. Thing is, until I changed my approach, not a lot was happening.

Years later, I’ve learned a lot, and I will give you all kinds of tips and examples that can greatly improve your chances of getting that phone call. My tips come out of a sales and marketing perspective that will give you an unfair advantage over the vast majority of the other job applicants.

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