Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letters

Jimmy Sweeney Cover LettersYou might have heard of Jimmy Sweeney cover letters and how he has helped many many people with their job applications. I thought I would give you a couple of cover letter tips that I picked up from Jimmy.

Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letters & Tips

The first tip for Jimmy Sweeney cover letters is to use testimonials in your cover letter. Most people will say something like “I am friendly and outgoing” in their cover letter. However, it is much more powerful if you can draw on what someone else has said about you. For example “my previous employer, Bill Richardson said I was the friendliest person he’d ever met!” Make sure it is true, and verifiable. The power of this is that you gain the credibility of an impartial third party.

The second tip for Jimmy Sweeney cover letters is quite simple – ask for the interview if that is what you want! Most people shy away from actually asking for an interview in their cover letter, however that is in fact the action you want the reader to take. End your letter with a polite request that they call you to setup a personal interview.

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